Designing the Kitchen: Maximizing Space


Food, without a doubt, has an important role at home. Whether it is for the family or for friends you are hosting for dinner, food can excite the senses, much like conversations can do. With this, it is easy to understand why there are many who invest heavily in their kitchen. It is considered the heart of every home, which makes it critical to ensure not only its aesthetics, but also its functionality. For many, this would involve having state-of-the-art kitchen equipment. Consequently, this should be also all about having enough space. The kitchen layout should be well-thought, putting an emphasis on having sufficient amount of space for you to move easily when cooking or preparing meals.

Why The Right Design Matters 

So, what’s the fuss about design? Basically, design is not just all about making the kitchen more attractive. While you can add decors and equipment that will make the kitchen a more functional space in the house, the right layout is still perhaps the most important. It should be easy for you to move from one point to another, making kitchen tasks not too demanding and exhausting. The following are some of the reasons why design is an important element when planning the kitchen.


  • Proper Flow: If a kitchen is too packed and filled with unnecessary stuff, you will find it difficult to be moving around. This can be a big problem, especially for busy kitchens, such as in the case of a restaurant or a home of a big family.
  • Energy Savings: Design is also related to efficiency of energy consumption. If it is too big, for instance, it will require the use of more light, which may be unnecessary if you really do not need that much space.
  • Effective Space: This is perhaps the most significant reason why you should pay attention in the right design of the kitchen. Need tips on how to design the kitchen in such a way that space is going to be maximized? Keep on reading and you will know how it can be done.

Use the Ceiling

Look up and you will see that you have plenty of available space above your head. Why not make use of it? If you do not have any lighting fixture, you can consider hanging a rack for your pots. This does not only maximize available space, but will also make it easy to reach for pots and pans when they are needed. You no longer have to bend!

Use Magnets for Knives


Especially for aspiring chefs, the kitchen can contain several kinds of knives, each with a specific application. Putting a knife block may help you to be organized, but it can be demanding in terms of space when the knives are just too many. A magnetic block will help to solve the problem. It is also a good way to show off your knife collection.

Think of Lighting

Just like in any other space in the house, lighting plays a major role when it comes to creating more space, or at least, an illusion that it is spacious. Make sure to put adequate light and utilize natural lighting, whenever necessary. The darker the kitchen is, the more cramp it would look. When it comes to lights, however, avoid chandeliers or pendant lights as they can also consume more space. Pin lights can be excellent.

Utilize your Walls

Sure, your tiles may look nice and can add up to the ambiance of the kitchen. However, if you are limited in terms of space, you can make wiser use of your walls. Install shelving units to have an additional storage space. With the proper arrangement of glass, plates, and other items in these shelves, it can look beautiful and can complement your kitchen’s theme.

Get Rid of the Unnecessary

Do you really need to have a dozen of plates and glasses in the kitchen? Are you using that huge blender on the countertop? In order to maximize available space in the kitchen, take out anything that is not functional as they can only cause clutter. Try to achieve a minimal look for the kitchen to make it look airy and spacious.